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DOCH Open Lectures Jeroen Peeters

Welcome to DOCH Open Lectures series of spring 2019! Meet writer, dramaturge and performer Jeroen Peeters.

Heterogeneous dramaturgies, an Open Lecture by Jeroen Peeters

Many artists working in the field of dance today have exchanged the role of the dramaturge for an approach that considers the production of meaning a shared responsibility of all the collaborators. Moreover, dramaturgy pervades all aspects of the artistic creation process and ties itself to materials and media, bodies and space. How to develop a method that is singular to the piece to come – rather than apply acquired knowledge? How to create a shared ground where experimentation and reflection, desire and doubt have a place? Peeters will discuss these issues in relation to his own dramaturgical practice and collaborations with artists such as Eleanor Bauer, deufert+plischke, Jennifer Lacey, Martin Nachbar and Meg Stuart.

Jeroen Peeters performing on stage
Jeroen Peeters in the performance Der Choreoturg: a field trip, created with Martin Nachbar in 2016. Photo: Gerhard F. Ludwig


Jeroen Peeters is a writer, dramaturge and performer based in Brussels. He has published widely on contemporary dance and performance, art theory and philosophy, including a book on spectatorship in contemporary dance, Through the Back: Situating Vision between Moving Bodies (2014).

Interested in documenting the ‘languages of making’, Peeters set up several dialogical projects with artists in the field of contemporary dance, which resulted for instance in a book in collaboration with Meg Stuart, Are we here yet? (2010). Recent publications include the essay Reseeding the library, gleaning readership (Afternoon Editions, 2018); and the essay collection on Mette Edvardsen Something Some things Something else (Varamo Press, 2019).

His current research focuses on ecologies of attention, embodied knowledge, material literacy and sustainable development. Peeters regularly engages in artistic collaborations with among others deufert+plischke, Mette Edvardsen, Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer, Martin Nachbar, Meg Stuart, David Weber-Krebs and Jozef Wouters. A large selection of Peeters’ writings is available at

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Spring program

  • Jeroen Peeters 20 February
  • Eroca Nicols 13 March
  • Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovsk 27 March
  • Thomas Hauert 10 April
  • Lea Moro 16 April
  • Frédéric Pouillaude 17 April*
  • André Lepecki 2 May
  • Antonia Baehr 22 May
  • John-Paul Zaccarini 29 May

*Philosophy in the Context of Dance 
-The lecture series Philosophy in the Context of Dance is a part of the BA-program in Dance Performance and is included in the Department of Dance’s Open Lectures at DOCH.

All of the DOCH Open Lectures series are held at DOCH Brinellvägen 58 room G at 5.30 pm.