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DOCH Open Lectures Antonia Baehr

Welcome to DOCH Open Lectures series of spring 2019! Meet choreographer, performer, filmmaker and visual artist Antonia Baehr.

The Making of Tentative Tentacles and the Making up of May Be

Behind the make up, we find no truth but true make up." > The work represented by make up productions falls in between categories of art genres, as choreographical, musical and theatrical performance, as well as categories of gender. This falling in between is due to complex strategies of appropriation within these categories and conventions. > We appropriate professions, like choreographer, dancer, musician, names and biographies, in order to pursue our fantasies, achieve a better carrier and find a seat in the world. > We play switching power-games of giving instructions and executing them and we look how it feels. We make temporary contracts concerning collaboration forms or social structures. > We research the fiction of everyday-life performance and the fiction of theater. > We make the pieces we would like to see and haven't seen yet.

– excerpt from make up production's manifesto on

A portrait of Antonia BaehrBiography

Antonia Baehr is a choreographer, performer, filmmaker and visual artist. Her works explore the fiction of the everyday and of the theatre, among other themes. She works together with various partners, frequently in the form of switching roles: from project to project, each artist alternately takes on the role of either guest or host.

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(Photo: Saskia Vanderstichele)

DOCH Open Lectures

Artists, thinkers and teachers connected to DOCH's Dance Department share their works and thoughts in various forms. DOCH Open Lectures are open to the public, free and don't require a reservation. Welcome!

Spring program

  • Jeroen Peeters 20 February
  • Eroca Nicols 13 March
  • Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovsk 27 March
  • Thomas Hauert 10 April
  • Lea Moro 16 April
  • Frédéric Pouillaude 17 April*
  • André Lepecki 2 May
  • Antonia Baehr 22 May
  • John-Paul Zaccarini 29 May

*Philosophy in the Context of Dance 
-The lecture series Philosophy in the Context of Dance is a part of the BA-program in Dance Performance and is included in the Department of Dance’s Open Lectures at DOCH.

All of the DOCH Open Lectures series are held at DOCH Brinellvägen 58 room G at 5.30 pm.