Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

Carolina Jinde's 50% seminar: 'Ears Wide Shut'

Carolina Jinde's 50% seminar 'Ears Wide Shut': Attentive listening – Negotiating space, will be held on the 5 June at Linnégatan 87. Carolina Jinde is a doctoral candidate in performative and mediated practices – with specializations in film and media.

The 50% seminar invites the sound studio into the artistic space.Through an installation of glass sculptures the researcher seeks to manifest the invisible boundaries obstructing communication in collaborative work within mediated practices.

Opponent Pernilla Glaser

The doctoral candidate Carolina Jinde asks, half way through her PhD project, how barriers between people influence the interactive space and how collaborative creative processes might evolve in the shadows of structural hierarchies? What collaborative forms might emerge, through heightened aural awareness and practices of attentive listening where hierarchies, prejudices and questions of status aren’t regulating the creative space?