Can art save the world

Can art save the world – Artists who has raised their voices to be heard

Welcome to the seminar serie “Can art save the world” 8 April 17.30–19.00 at Forum/Debatt. The theme is “Artists who has raised their voices to be heard”.

We have a government that describes itself as the world's first feminist government. And a party leader for an opposition party who wants to phrase a new kind of feminism – away from what she calls ”period art”.

What does feminist art-making mean in a time when a numerous bunch of people describe themselves as feminists, but relates to the concept in various ways?
What feminist-questions does our invited artists have at the moment, and how has the questions changed over time?
How do they shape these questions – and in which forums?
What are the hopes for our next-generation artists?

Mia Engberg, director and researcher
BamBam Frost, choreographer and dancer
Margareta Garpe, playwright and director
Bianca Kronlöf, actress, screenwriter and comedian
Moderators: Johanna Garpe, Cecilia Roos

Arranged by Stockholm University of the Arts and Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Forum/Debatt

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