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Book release: "First Comes the Movement"

Warmly welcome to an evening with the release of Lena Stefenson's book "First Comes the Movement – on directing movement-based performing arts" ("Rörelsen först – om regi för rörelsebaserad scenkonst"). Talk, mingle, music and surprises!

On the release night, a presentation of the book will be given. Interviewer is Lena Nylén Tyrstrup, dramaturg, actor and director. There will also be moving surprises, mingle and music with the phenomenal band Afrobeatos Dance Explosion.


About "First Comes the Movement"

Lena_Stefensson300-Foto_Anna_Ukkonen.jpgLena Stefenson, Associate Professor in Mime-acting at Stockholm University of the Arts (Uniarts), has written a reflective textbook on the art of choreographing / directing movement-based performing arts. She has written on the basis of her own experiences as a choreographing director with examples from various set work and her own and others' teaching. If you work movement-based, how do you start? How can one work with a theme, with a story? What is elevation?

The book is aimed at anyone who is, or wants to be, a choreographing director or actor in the movement-based performing arts with forms such as dance, mime and circus. It is also aimed at the person who generally wants to make his / her stage-work more physical.

The book is available as an artistic development project (KU) with the support of Uniarts research department and the department of acting.

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You can order the book at our webshop Butiken.

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