DOCH, School of Dance and Circus

Battle of Botkyrka - vol. 4

Battle of Botkyrka is inviting you to an awesome day of graffitiworkshop, afrobeat danceworkshop, open mic and rookie and advance dancebattles.

Workshops will be held in: graffiti with the Botkyrka based art collective Färgsättarna, and afrobeat with the awesome dancer Salem Yohannes. The battles will be 2 vs 2 in the categories: allstyle rookie, pro afrobeat and pro house and breaking. Price for the winners: 2000 kr.

Be there!!!! A hole day of fun for FREE!!

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Find your way to Musikhuset Norsborg

In collaboration with: Botkyrka kommun, DOCH/ Stockholm University of the Arts, Riksteatern, Åsa folkhögskola and Dansens hus.