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The occasional tendency of seven to coalesce // KNOT KNOT

Welcome to the graduating performances of the students at the Bachelor’s Programme in Dance Performances of 2019!

The students of the Bachelor program in dance and the international choreographers Lea Moro and Thomas Hauert have developed two works that together form their graduating performances. For five intensive weeks, they have touched, pulled, fallen, tied, run, reacted and connected.

The performance does not conclude the education, nor is it the result of it. It is a study in itself. It is one of many parts that has been conducted during three years of study. A part shared with an audience.

Photo above: Jonas Williamsson

The occasional tendency of seven to coalesce

The show is truly the work of an ensemble. Creating connections being the main focus. Connections within one body, between bodies, to the music. Spatial connections and connections in time. Static and dynamic. The choreographic score is an improvisational one. None of the movement is set. Certain movement qualities and ways to relate to the other performers, the music and the space have been learned and developed in the creation process. The interactions are carried by an extreme state of sensitivity and concentration combined with creativity, musicality and physicality. This way of creating choreography is for the dancers a very challenging one. Not only are they responsible for inventing and performing their own material on stage but also for initiating and developing group structures. They have to adapt individual roles within a dynamic group constellation whose mechanics are constantly changing. 


Co-Choreography, Performance/Dance: Danilo Cezar Nascimento Alexandre, Sonja-Riitta Laine, Morgane Nicol, Julia Nylander, Klara Sjöblom, Anna Skorpen, Miranda Wallmon

Choreography: Thomas Hauert
Costume assistence: Johanna Baumann
Technician: Calle Mårtensson, Lumination of Sweden

dance BA 19 bild 2_webb.jpgPhoto: Nicklas Dennermalm


An invisible net is our space
yet present in it, we constantly redefine it
May it appear when we link, knot, drag, hold, grab, bound, secure and fall
May it evaporate and manifest itself constantly anew
Whilst the playful time of engaging in the present moment passes along this performance
- By the way ‘thank you (for coming)’
A net of knots, may they be tight or loose, exposes a network, a net-of-work:
connections, (re)distribution points, communication (end)points
Let’s simply start again. KNOT DOT


Co-Choreography, Performance/Dance: Shiraz Amar, Darío Bardam, Jennie Bergsli, Aurore d'Audiffret, Molly Engblom, Am Ertl, Sara Skoglund, Alexander Talts, Klara Utke Acs

Choreography: Lea Moro
Dramaturgy: Mona De Weerdt
Sound: Andres Bucci
Costume, scenography: Martin Bergström
Assistance costume, Scenography: Johanna Baumann
Technician: Calle Mårtensson, Lumination of Sweden

dance BA 19 bild 1.jpgPhoto: Nicklas Dennermalm