DOCH, School of Dance and Circus

The Evening of Dance at DOCH

Welcome to The Evening of Dance at DOCH on Friday 4th of May when the 3rd year students of the Teacher Education Programme in Dance present two performances in collaboration with the Royal College of Music. The evening also offers five solo works.

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Line-up for the evening

(ca 30 min)
Dansare: Aleksandra Cigarcic, Amanda Östholm, Linnéa Lindberg
Musikproduktion: Björn Rudling, Jacob Lahovary Olsson
Scenkonstproducent: Laila Leonarda Snijder

(ca 30 min)
Dansare: Amanda Marklund, Angelica Wideberg, Francesca Cicarelli Aragonés, Philip Hansen
Musikproduktion: Jacob Alberts
Scenkonstproducent: Laila Leonarda Snijder

Performer: Linnéa Lindberg
Maker: Amanda Marklund
(ca 20 min)

Performer: Francesca Cicarelli Aragonés
Maker: Amanda Östholm
(ca 20 min)

Performer: Aleksandra Cigarcic
Maker: Francesca Cicarelli Aragonés
(ca 20 min)

n e e d n o t g e t h o l d o f y o u
Performer: Philip Hansen
Maker: Aleksandra Cigarcic
(ca 20 min)

Performer: Amanda Östholm
Maker: Linnéa Lindberg
(ca 20 min)

With reservation for changes in the order*