DOCH, School of Dance and Circus

The Dance Party

DOCH's BA students in Dance Pedagogy and the students of the Teacher Education Program in Dance invite you to an evening with dance performances and a sweet feast.

Every spring the students of the Dance Pedagogy Department choreograph performances they tour with around Sweden and abroad. This year's students have as their main dance genres Jazz dance or Contemporary dance. On 20 and 21 April you have the opportunity to see the performances and join the sweet feast at DOCH!

Touch [in]tension

Created and performed by 6degrees: Satu Nyman, Linnéa Ramström, Roosa Uusitalo och Raphaël Verstraeten

Through improvisation, Touch [in]tension is exploring relation, interaction and communication between individuals. In their piece, the dancers are collaborating to understand and become understood by each other. 6degrees dance collective is interested how the negotiation is formed between individuals and in the group.

The performance is challenging social conventions, but also raising questions about individual and social limits as well as power structures. Are we aware of our limits? How do we build trust?


Created and performed by EFEKTA5: Elin Bergström, Karolina Domanska, Julia Heikenström, Ida Lundqvist och Lisa Vintfjärd.

The effect of five jazz dancers 
How can five dancers create a syncronized effect? The definition of synchronization is that at least two objects are equal with each other in time. Is it possible to synchronize with more factors than time?
SYNC, by EFEKTA5, presents five dancers who synchronize with music, each other and themselves.
What is the effect?

Cirkelspråk (Circle Langauge)

Created and performed by SPINOFF danskollektiv: Klara Andersson, Olof Modén, Kirstine Nurdug Jensen, Agnes Rodhe, Evelina Strigner och Henrike Wesp.


Created and performed by VIBRATION: Þórdís Björg Stefánsdóttir, Karin Florentzson, Heini Haverinen, Nathalie Ifter Salomonsson, Pauliina Pantsu, Fatima Rosendal, Johanna Tidlund och Sara Trolin.

The performances have been developed under the supervision of Linda Adami, Malin Elgán, Peter Mills, Andrea Svensson och Thomas Zamolo.

The Department of Dance Pedagogy at DOCH, the School of Dance and Circus encompasses all programmes and courses within the field of dance education.

Through our research and education we develop the artistic and educational skills of dance pedagogues and dance teachers. The students deepen their knowledge of dance, choreography and artistic processes from a contemporary didactic, aesthetic and socio-cultural perspective, which contributes to the development of new methods and contexts for creating, presenting and teaching dance. If you have any questions please contact