DOCH, School of Dance and Circus


The beat-strucken dance performance Splendour is now reformed and performed by 17 extraordinary dancers at DOCH in Stockholm. Opening night 6 March, 15 performances, and free entrance!

The performance Splendour is at the same time a practice, a show and a dance floor. To 90’s techno music the dancers do the sounds, reversing the causality between music and dance by making dancing the reason for music to appear. In a direct relationship to sound, avoiding all creativity as such, they make the labour and collectivity of dance appear as they embody the music.

Through not aiming for innovation, Splendour wants to steer away from improvisation that promotes individual choice and self-expression. The performance rather aims for an actual experience of self-determination. Working with emotions and reactions that occur at the instance the sound hits you, Splendour creates the illusion of bodies creating sound. The techno suggests a dance where no one is dependent on anyone else to do it but where we insist on doing it together. In the same way, this piece is carried by the imagination and conviction of both performers and audience.

Shiraz Amar
Aurore d'Audiffret
Jennie Bergsli
Molly Engblom
Anna-Maria Ertl
Sonja-Riitta Laine
Corinne Mustonen
Danilo Alexandre
Morgane Nicol
Julia Nylander
Klara Sjöblom
Anna Skorpen
Alexander Talts
Klara Utke Acs
Miranda Wallmon
Caitlin Dear
Papis Faye

Choreography: Stina Nyberg

Light Design: Chrisander Brun
Light- and Sound Technician: Kali Malone
Production: DOCH

Previously developed in collaboration with: Kim Hiorthoy, Luís Miguel Félix, Ilse Ghekiere, Nadja Hjorton, Lisa Janbell, Sidney Leoni, Maryam Nikandish, Zoë Poluch, Juli Reinartz, Rebecka Stillman and Uri Turkenich.

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A total of 15 occasions.