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Mareike Nele Dobewall 30 % seminar - “Soundchoreography with choir - Confessions of a spatialist”

Mareike Nele Dobewall is a Doctoral Candidate at the University College of Opera since 1 February 2017. On 12 January it's time for her 30% seminar with the title: “Soundchoreography with choir - Confessions of a spatialist”

In her practical artistic research Mareike Nele Dobewall works with voice through choir and opera works, and explores further musical potential that the human body offers. Mareike Dobewall`s questions in her research project are related to the site-specificity of sound and explore the dialogue between the performers and the space. The exploration of the role of the audience is another important aspect of Mareike Dobewall`s research: In her installative works she gives all audience members the possibility to create their own experience by offering them the possibility to change their position and perspective according to their own preferences.

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“Soundchoreography with choir - Confessions of a spatialist”

In her 30% seminar Mareike Dobewall will share the process of her project “Vokal-De-Konstruktion” which she created in collaboration with the Mexican choir Colegio de Infantes Catedral de Guadalajara. For this piece Mareike Dobewall selected chorals from the archive of the Cathedral in Guadalajara and distributed the distinct voices of the choir (soprano, alto, bass, tenor) to different parts of the architecture of the art museum Instituto Cultural Cabañas. She choreographed the sounds and the singers with the intention to give the audience the possibility to experience and explore the inherent structure of the music in varying forms. The conductor was placed in a separate room where he was filmed and projected in real time to the different voice spaces, while he received the direct digital sound from the singers through loudspeakers.

In “Voiceland - a living voice installation” the music was specifically composed for the singers of the Icelandic choir Hymnodia in a close collaboration between composer Gísli Jóhann Grétarsson and Mareike Dobewall in order to create a spatial composition of moving sounds and bodies.

As a doctoral candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts with a specialisation in Opera Mareike Nele Dobewall explores the scenographic potential of sound in site-specific works in live art. Mareike Dobewall is a director and a scenographer. She studied film directing in Berlin and worked as an independent film maker and theatre director for several years before she expanded her artistic expertise through studying scenography at the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad, in Norway. In her work she explores the meeting of different genres and art forms.

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Wilhelm Carlsson, Professor at University College of Opera, Stockholm University of the Arts

Trond Lossius, Head of Artistic Research and Fellowship Programme at Oslo National Academy of the Arts


Per Roar Thorsnes, Professor and Head of the Master's Programme in Choreography at Oslo National Academy of the Arts