DOCH, School of Dance and Circus

How can we break the "culture of silence"?

A full-day conference with ”Open space” focusing on generating constructive proposals for the fields of dance and circus.

This is an invitation to our colleagues in the fields of dance and circus: students, teachers, artists, producers, technicians, programmers, curators, administrators etc.

The #Metoo-movement has revealed the critical need for action to break the culture of silence in all parts of society. The #tystdansa appeal from dancers practicing in Sweden and #theshowisover from international circus artists show the urgent need for action in our community as well. DOCH wants to contribute to this change by inviting you all to a day of both sharing and action, support and making concrete plans.

We have chosen the democratic meeting technology of OPEN SPACE. It is a technique that allows everyone to participate in their own manner and where we all together plan the agenda of the day. At the end of the day of gathering we will have produced a document full of action-plans.

The main question of the meeting will be: HOW DO WE BREAK THE CULTURE OF SILENCE? Everyone has the possibility to participate with his/her/ze own “heart” question- what you find the most important in relation to the subject.


This event is initiatied by the heads of departments at DOCH, a part of Uniarts.
Johanna Skobe (actor and gestalt therapist) will be facilitating the meeting. She has long experience of leading Open Space.