Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

Carina Reich 80% seminar "Mind the Gap"

Carina Reich is a doctoral candidate in performative and mediated practices – with specialisation in interdisciplinary staging and directing.

"Mind the Gap" is her 80% seminar with focus on the difference between the ephemerality of embodied experience of process and the presenting of process outcomes within artistic research.

Can the process of artistic research be an aesthetic experience?
Can artistic research methods work as a shared experience of performance?
Performing or describing, is that a question?

The seminar will contain a performative exposition of her ongoing research project. The presentation will be followed by a discussion with invited choreographer Gunilla Heilborn and actor and researcher Niklas Hald. After that the seminar opens up for a joint conversation about the possibility or nonpossibility of embodying knowledge within performed research. 

Ljuddesign: Niclas Anderstedt Lindgren
Ljusdesign: Ronald Salas

Find out more about the seminar here:

Mind the Gap (pdf)

The seminar will be documented in audio and video.