Unlearning Performance –fragments and doubts

Anna Lindal, violinist and Karl Dunér, director and visual artist collaborates in a research project, where we investigate the affined relational fields of tradition and contemporary, conventions and questioning, skills and unlearning, wholeness and deconstruction, security and doubts. During spring term 2017 we have worked together with Tomas Boman, filmmaker and hav developed the project into an investigation of method with given conditions. One work, one space, one camera eye, one scenario – at each given research occasion. Everything documented in the soft daylight in room 319, the white box, entrance floor at Linnégatan 87.

We are going to show live how we have worked, show selected films from our work and discuss with you about method, result, continuation and extension of the methods we have developed.

Participants: Anna Lindal, Karl Dunér, Tomas Boman

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