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The Body as a Site of Power: public lecture and dialogue with Tom Tlalim

This public programme continues the research into political, social and ethical questions in the arts at Stockholm University of the Arts. In his presentation Tom Tlalim will examine how ideology and resistance can be found in everyday sounds from urban soundscapes, to music and sonic branding. The lecture will be followed by a dialogue; moderated by Sandra Noeth (Senior Lecturer, Stockholm University of the Arts).

This is a collaboration between the Master Programme in Choreography at DOCH, the Stockholm University of the Arts Research Programme and Weld.

Tom Tlalim: Sound Systems of the State: Listening to Sonic Ideology

Sound is booming both as an artistic field and as a burgeoning philosophical discipline. In contemporary urban experience, what is heard or unheard is the subject of constant negotiations. This makes the sonic a potent instrument for disciplinary coercion and control. Listening can transform the ways in which we inhabit and embody space and time. In listening we can experience imminent futures as affects in the present. A practice of critical listening must therefore be developed in order to avoid living under the oppression of the sonic.

My lecture will examine of how ideology and resistance can be found in everyday sounds from urban soundscapes, to music and sonic branding. I will outline a brief framework for critical listening and why I think critical listening is a necessary performative act of resistance in the nuanced and complex relations between hearing and listening. I will draw on my recently-completed practice-based PhD at goldsmiths and on my current artistic research at the Victoria & Albert museum, looking at the different states of sound-power - hard, soft, and fluid, and how these are encapsulated into contemporary hearing technologies.

About Tom Tlalim

Tom Tlalim is an artist and writer whose work explores the relation between sound and power. His practice includes installations, sound art, films and text. He recently completed his PhD at Goldsmiths, titled “The Sound System of the State” with full funding from the Mondriaan Foundation. His research employs a methodology of critical listening in learning how violence and power are mediated and can be subverted through the sonic dimension. He examines sound artefacts in different media formats to unpack sound objects, voices, and spaces as ideological devices. He holds MAs in Composition and Sonology and lectures at the University of Winchester. 

Tlalim’s work is regularly exhibited internationally. Recent exhibitions include the Marrakech Biennale, Stroom The Hague (solo), a nomination for the Tiger award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. His sound installation “Uneasy Listening” (in collaboration with Susan Schuppli), was shown at “Art in the age of Asymmetrical Warfare” at Witte de With in Rotterdam, and is currently on show at the Italian Pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale as part of Forensic Architecture. His works in collaboration with the choreographer Arkadi Zaides are regularly performed worldwide to a critical acclaim. He is developing a new project as artist in residence at the Victoria & Albert museum in London.

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Foto_Tom_Tlalim_1100x1055.jpgPhoto: Tom Tlalim