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That Choreographs us

16–18 March the third year students of the Bachelor Programme in Dance Performance present "That choreographs us" created by Benoît Lachambre.

That choreographs us is a durational performance where the spectator is invited to come and go and freely circulate through the performance space. The performance deals with altered states of being and proposes a flow of alternative awareness. It is an artistic action where the personal creation process is a necessity.

Video from That choreographs us performed at Weld 2015

This is how the choreographer Benoît Lachambre describes the performance:

We are working on the vibrating body, on what choreographs us… We are also seeing how to develop movement structures while sensing deep body connections. As we are working on micro movements, we are exploring the notion that connects us through space. Awakening the awareness that empathy is a constant flux of energy, enabling one to heighten consciousness and better perceive spatial energetic dynamics and architectures that surround us.

The work proposes the spectator to become more active as a viewer, listening while actively seeking for hen’s viewpoints and freely circulating through the performance space. The space between the existence of what surrounds us and traverses our consciousness choreographs us.

Looking at bodies and empathies the peaceful animal transforming, morphing, freeing the imagination.

Benoît Lachambre has given more than 120 workshops within Par B.L.eux in 15 years, notably at Tanz Im August (Berlin, Germany), ImPulsTanz (Vienna, Austria), Circuit Est and Usine C (Montréal, Canada), P.A.R.T.S (Brussels, Belgium), SNDO (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), Charleroi Danses (Belgium) as well as l’Atelier de Paris – Carolyn Carlson (Paris, France), DansAlliansen (Stockhölm, Sweden), MODAFE (Seoul, South Korea), Cairo (Egypt), Seattle (WA, USA), Vancouver (BC, Canada).

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Facilitator: Benoît Lachambre
Assistant facilitator: Patricia Vázquez Iruretagoyena
Dancers: Cathryn Humphreys, Claudia Erixon, Emma Strandsäter, Gry Tingskog, Hampus Bergenheim, Ida Arenius, Maia Means, Manuel Lindner, Marco Behal, Max Wallmeier, Oda Persdatter Brekke, Olli Lautiola, Pinja Grönberg, Sara Kauppila, Susanna Marjaana Ujanen, Tiia Tuulia Kasurinen, Tuuli  Vahtola and Vanessa Virta.

PLEASE NOTE the venue is partially handicapped accessible. There is an elevator adjacent to the performance space but it depends on the size of your wheelchair if it fits. You can also see the performance from the balcony. Contact Fredrik Wålstedt at Weld +46 (0) 73 364 23 18 for more information.