DOCH, School of Dance and Circus

Kill your darlings

Welcome to a public film screening of the dance film project Kill your darlings.

This week Janessa Clark and Veronika Tybell, choreographers and collaborators in nomadthenewcompany, visit DOCH and the Department of Dance Pedagogy. Together with DOCH students specialising in modern and contemporary dance, and Professor Kathleen Kelley and the students from Montclair University (New Jersey), they work with a dance video project called Kill Your Darlings.

Kill Your Darlings is an artistic response to the current socio-political climate addressing concepts related to warfare, nationalism and ego. It is a peaceful form of protest that turns violence into lightness set in a surreal parallel reality. Kill Your Darlings is not a solution to the present day warfare, but a statement of possibility

The students will use motion and hearing scores from the film and learn how the transfer of motion materials can be adapted from the studio to the camera and ultimately to the viewer's perspective.

Warm welcome!