Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

The first Master exam and exposition in Film & Media

Open to some new perspectives? Fifteen Master students present films, seminars and installations, exploring the creative process in order to build sustainable artistry in a fast-changing film and media landscape.

Doubts are crucial for making art. It’s only from doubt, new thoughts can be made possible. It could be a funny situation, a stray phrase in mainstream media or something very familiar. But, filtered through the doubtful mind, it can tell a story. Everything can be told, but making it interesting and relevant to the wider world is a challenge.

Our students have a skillset based on integrity, bravery and curiosity. With the very simple credo of Aristotle: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” Master’s program in Film and Media educate for the future. There is no missing link between us and the industry.

We exam student’s who in their professional development have focused on the process (not the product) of building sustainable artistry in a fast-changing film and media landscape. Creating new paths between industry, education and artistic research.

9 am - 4 pm Individual seminars

Program: Seminars 9 am - 4 pm

4 - 8 pm Exposition/ screenings/ Q&A’s

Program: Expositions, films and installations  4 - 8 pm

@SADA/Uniarts, Valhallavägen 189, Stockholm

The masterstudents and their thesis

Download the folder presenting the students and their master thesis

Adam Nilsson, Cinematographer
Annika Bergström, Animator
Ashley Michael Briggs, Cinematographer
Drifa Freyju-Armanns, Production Designer
Farima Karimi, Producer
Johanna Olausson, Documentary
Linda Carlsson, Documentary
Lukas Eisenhauer, Cinematographer
Maria Eriksson, Director
Niklas Panthell, Cinematographer
Otto Banovits, Director
Pelle Rådström, Script
Petra Markgren Wangler, Documentary
Tomas Stark, Script
Åsa Johannisson, Director

The Master’s Programme in Film and Media

The Master’s Programme in Film and Media at SADA/Uniarts is a two-year programme at second-cycle level for people who are working professionally and are artistically established in the film and media industry. The programme gives its students the opportunity to prepare for artistic research and deepen and broaden their professional skills in:

  • film sound
  • cinematography
  • film editing
  • film direction
  • documentary storytelling
  • scripts for film/TV or transmedia
  • film/TV or transmedia production (producer/distributor)
  • production design (VFX/digital visual design)
  • animation

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact Tinna Joné

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