Can art save the world?

A seminar about art and science in the post-truth world. This is the second seminar in a series of four within Uniarts appreciated series Can art save the world? where different aspects of art and artistic research are debated.

Our time is being defined as the post-truth era because emotions and personal ideas influence public opinion more than objective facts and truth.

What are the consequences for art and for artists? Are we seeing the beginning of a new golden age or a reason for questioning our methods. And what does post-truth imply for science? Fake news, alternative facts and growing multitude of echo-chambers shape an image of us viewers as increasingly non-rational creatures. Especially at risk is the issue of climate change that faces an urgent need of a new and globally compelling narrative.

In an open conversation with three guests, we discuss all these questions and formulate a new strategy that will best lead us into the future.

Moderator: Erik Gandini, Professor in documentary film

In the panel:

  • America Vera-Zavala, playwrite, activist and author
  • Diego Galafassi, Doctoral Student at Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm University, with a focus on climate, culture and tranformation
  • Jesper Kurlandsky, film director/producer for the film poem Aeterna

The seminar will be in English

During the spring there will be two additional seminars in the series. Two professors at Uniarts will invite a panel each to discuss different themes on 3 April and 8 May.