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Can art save the world?

Materiality and resistance.
This is the fourth and last seminar this semester within Uniart's appreciated series Can art save the world? where different aspects of art and artistic research are debated.

Art can be viewed as a kind of "resistance" by it´s sheer presence without offering any direct critique of the culture in which it is embedded. What are the means-by-which that resistance manifests? Is it through the urgency of art as action?  Is it through artistic processes and materials that resistance is activated and/or is "resistance" beyond the artist, her materials, beyond the art itself?  How do we understand and experience "Art" as a form of resistance and how can we articulate how it functions as such?

Moderator: Ellen Røed, professor within the Profile area Art, Technology, Materiality.
In the panel: Mia Engberg, Mara Lee, Per Platou and Jenny Sunesson

The seminar will be in Swedish and Norwegian.


Short bios:

Mia Engberg is a filmmaker based in Stockholm. Her latest film Belleville Baby premiered in Berlin Film Festival 2013 and was rewarded with a Guldbagge and numerous international awards. She is also known for being the producer of Dirty Diaries - 12 shorts of feminist porn and being the bass player in legendary ska band Vagina Grande.  Mia Engberg is now working on a 3-year research project, The Visual Silence, financed by the Swedish Film Institute and the Swedish Science Council.

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Read more about the research Project The Visual Silence

Mara Lee is a Swedish writer, poet and scholar, living in Stockholm. Her most recent works include the novel Future Perfect (Bonniers, 2014) and her Ph.D thesis När Andra skriver: Skrivande som motstånd, ansvar och tid (Glänta, 2014). Her current affiliation is as a researcher at the Royal Institute of Art, with the ongoing research project Loving Others, Othering Love: A toolbox for Postcolonial and Feminist Artistic Practices.

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Link to the Doctoral Thesis När andra skriver

Per Platou is an artist and curator, living in Oslo and Joshua Tree in California. In the 1990’ies he initiated a recordlabel, book café, pirat radio and an art gallery. Together with Amanda Steggell he run the artist collective motherboard that explored netbased/unstable/electronic live art events for almost 15 years. Today he primarily works with sound as material in the contexts of installations and performing art. He has recenty established an artist’s residency in the desert in California.

Read more about Per Platou on Wikipedia and on his homepage.

Jenny Sunesson is a Swedish artist and writer working with concrete sound and intermedia. Her practice ranges from field recording and conceptual sound art to electroacoustic composition and video. Sunesson stages real life for her dark, tragic and comical work where invented characters along with derogated stereotypes are used to investigate alternate stories of hierarchic and normative power structure in our society.

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