Juliette Mapp Photo: David Gonsier

Can art save the world?

Art in an Age of Anger and Appropriation.
This is the third seminar in a series of four within Uniart's appreciated series Can art save the world? where different aspects of art and artistic research are debated.

In this era of rising inequality, far-right ethnic nationalism, and xenophobia is it ethical, or even possible, for artists to express themselves by imagining experiences they have not had?

How can an audience receive and respond to work that is fueled by anger?

How do we create artistic meaning within a cultural and political climate where some artists have enjoyed freedom, stability, and support while others have not? 

At a moment when artists must reckon with their responsibilities, both to their own identities and to a broader global culture, is it possible to make work that can both provoke and help pave a way forward?


  • Rebecca Hilton, Professor in the Profile area Site, Event, Encounter at Stockholm University of the Arts (tonight substitute for Juliette Mapp, Professor in the Profile area Concept and Composition).
  • Miguel Gutierrez, someone who makes performances, dances, music and poetry.
  • Stacey Sacks PhD Candidate in Performing Arts at Stockholm University of the Arts.

The seminar will be in English

The last seminar this spring within the series Can art save the world? is planned to the 8th of May. Ellen Røed, Professor within the Profile area Art, Technology and Materiality will invite participants to discuss a current topic.