DOCH, School of Dance and Circus


BA in Dance Performance at DOCH in Set and Reset/Reset by Trisha Brown Dance Company & Der Bau by Isabelle Schad.

Welcome to a full evening experience where the second year students of the BA Programme in Dance Performance show works by Trisha Brown and Isabelle Schad. During three weeks the students will perform Set and Reset/Reset, an adaptation of Trisha Brown’s original version with music by Laurie Anderson from 1983, and Der Bau 2014 - a contemporary work by Isabelle Schad being shown in Sweden for the first time.

Set and Reset/Reset

Restaging Project by the Trisha Brown Dance Company
with the Stockholm University of the Arts
Choreography of Set and Reset (1983): Trisha Brown
Direction of Set and Reset/Reset (2016): Kathleen Fisher
Music: Laurie Anderson

Der Bau 

Group version
Concept and choreography: Isabelle Schad
Artistic collaboration: Saša Božić, Laurent Goldring
Rehearsal directors: Isabelle Schad, Saša Božić, Sonja Pregrad
& Przemyslaw Kaminski

Opening 4 March