DOCH, School of Dance and Circus

Solo Marathon at DOCH

March 21st the first year students of the Bachelor Programme in Dance Performance are presenting their own solo works in a Solo Marathon at DOCH.

The works are a part of the course Performative Practices during which the students encounter various ways of working with dance and choreography with a focus on the relationship between dance and music. Throughout the course artists/choreographers such as Eva Meyer Keller, Alma Söderberg, Robert Steijn, Tove Salmgren, Benoit Lachambre, Eleonora Fabio, Deborah Hay and DD Dorvillier share with the students their perspectives, tools and methods.

The intention of the solo works is to provide space for exploring an independent artistic practice and a creative process of their own with a time limit of about 10 min as the only restriction.

The Solo Marathon begin at 2 pm and takes place in different parts of DOCH. It starts off at the stage and is divided into 2 blocks:

14.00-16.30 Marathon part 1
10 solos (including 15 min break)

16.30-17:30 Break
Sandwiches, coffee/tea will be available in DOCH Café

During the break there will be a presentation of one solo in Studio 1, with limited seatings. Audience are welcome to stay for 10 min each.

17.30-20.15 Marathon part 2
10 solos (including 15 min break)

With reservation for minor time lags