DOCH, School of Dance and Circus


Finding tenderness in honesty/a quest for realness of intimacy in the performative art practice

- Robert Steijn tried to mix shamanic techniques as soul-traveling/searching, or discovering your own totem-animals with contemporary dance and performance art. Since two years he explores the energy of the snake, in a solo, a long term collaboration with a male mexican dancer, a duet with a swiss female dancer, and in psycho magic rituals in the public space with different communities of people.

In all this work he tries to bring himself and his collaborators to a invisible, but still tangible place, a healing reality/state of mind beyond conflicts, social conventions, and personal desires. Is it possible to find a total freedom of the mind and a radical acceptance of oneself (as dancer, choreographer, artist, human being) just by dancing and being present in the body. He will give some examples out of his own practice to dance, making performances and working together.
It will be a lecture performance, illustrated by small acts and rituals.

Robert Steijn, choreographer/dancer/writer. Lately robert works with knifes, ecstatic bodies, sexual intimacy, the political and cultural resonance in the body and the working process. He is based, partly in Vienna, partly in Mexico, and looks for ways how his work gets in dialogue with the different political situations in the different countries. He just finished a concert-performance in Vienna, mixing the theme of the death and the maiden with pop-music, at the moment he works on a duet about male sexuality with Ricardo Rubio, called “prelude on love”, with Jessica Huber and Geraldine Chollet on a duet about mixing different cultures, called “holding it together” ( may 2015, Zürich), and he developed a public healing ritual to regain hope for change in a society violated by fear with several mexican artists, called “the smell of death”. Lately he wrote publication about “eros and ecology” as a reflection of his two years working with the trees in vienna and in the Steiermark.
Frédéric Gies, Head of the Master Programme in Choreography