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Eleonora Fabião at DOCH OPEN LECTURES

Performing Rio de Janeiro: artistic strategies and political imagination

- This talk will introduce selected pieces performed in and with Rio de Janeiro by four artists or group of artists during the last decade: Ronald Duartes’ War is War, a series of visual actions realized in the city’s streets; Michel Melamed’s black-box eletro-participatory performance Regurgitofagia; Lia Rodrigues Companhia de Danças’s dance piece Pororoca created out of Rio’s traditional art circuits; and street actions performed by myself—Precarious Series and Carioca Actions—in varied neighborhoods. I propose that these works employ multiple artistic strategies to recreate the city; they de-mechanize perception and relation, suspend fixed meanings and norms reinventing possibilities for living. In a context of social discrepancy and violences, Rio de Janeiro’s historical past and political present are reconfigured by performance.
Eleonora Fabião

About Eleonora Fabião

Eleonora Fabião is a performance artist and theorist. Associate Professor of the Scenic Arts Program of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, she holds a PhD and an M.A. in Performance Studies (New York University). Since 2008 she has been performing in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and many other cities. In 2011 she received the award “Art in the Streets” from the Brazilian National Foundation of the Arts (Funarte) and in 2014 the “Rumos Itaú Cultural Grant” to develop the “Mundane Project: book, street exhibition and performances.” During 2010-11 Fabião was a fellow of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics and is now member of its Council. She is the researcher on Latin American Performance Art for the Re.act.feminism Performing Archive based in Berlin. Institutions where she recently taught include: Department of Performance Studies (NYU, as adjunct faculty since 2010), Theatre Studies (Freie Universität Berlin), Norwegian Theatre Academy, Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte (Buenos Aires), SP Escola de Teatro (São Paulo), MoMA - Museum of Modern Art (New York).