The bachelor's programme Mime Acting at SKH returns to GBG MIME FEST, this time with six short duo acts performed by second-year students.

During the first year at SKH the mime students made short acts in which they examined in pairs both the movement and the narrative. The acts arose in the field between the student's own creativity and the basic concept of mime and came to be characterized by both the student's different personalities and previous educational experiences.

They are performed in mime, dance, and even slapstick. Topics they touch on are, for example, female friendship, the forces of nature, the longing for the other, women cycles, siblings… and who can best roll out a huge rug?

High is mixed with low and the movement experiment is in focus.

Each act is a maximum of 10 minutes long.

Welcome to GBG MME FEST! 


  • Anna-Jackelin Thell and Hanna Elffors Elfström
  • Hedda Paulsen and Linnéa Sidén Rosberg
  • Mia Helenelund and Fabian Lexner
  • Louise Norlin and Andrea Falk
  • Zoe Fransén Lakides and Gloria Manzeyi
  • Rebecca Gorwat and Björn Sahlin

Supervisors: Alejandro Bonnet and Åsa Johannisson

About the programme Mime Acting at SKH