Passions, sisterhood and Christmas stars

BA students in Opera Vocal Performance year 3 present a dramatic Christmas concert!

Welcome to this presentation of the course Music Dramatic Concert, which aims to perform music drama in concert form with a conductor and piano.

These duets by WA Mozart, Jules Massenet and Richard Strauss, among others, contain budding passions, deep rivalry and heartfelt sibling love.


BA Opera Vocal Performance year 3

  • Solveig Bergersen
  • Clara Simonsen Gunge
  • Kari Koskinen
  • Lovisa Ferm
  • Julia Åkerberg Holmgård

MA Opera Repetiteur

  • Olga Tomilina

Auscultating MA students Film and Media 

  • Henry Selder
  • Mattias Lindblad

Director: Stina Ancker
Conductor: Glenn Mossop
Direction and piano: Martin Hellström and Jaroslaw Kaliski
Vocal coaches: Ulrika Tenstam and Rob Hyman
Rehearsing Italian repertoire: Giuseppina Penta