Marie-Andrée Robitailles 80% seminar – Hope in Motion

Welcome to Marie-Andrée Robitaille 80% seminar, with the doctoral Artistic research project “Circus as Practices of Hope” on the 15 December.

Hope in Motion  

Marie-Andrée Robitaille is a PhD candidate in performative and mediated based practices with specialization in circus and choreography.

"For my 80% seminar, I will perform a piece entitled Multiverse. Multiverse is a material-semiotic experiment, a mutable live fable made of remnants and re-cycled materials that compost and re-compose at each iteration. With the performance Multiverse, you will experience some of the undergoing practices I engage in my doctoral artistic project. The performance will be followed by the opponent´s response to the project and a series of conversations on how the parts of the project are interconnecting, with a focus on the project context and knowledge-creating potential". 

Opponent: Martin Hargreaves
Main supervisor: Juliette Mapp
Secondary supervisor: Trond Lossius

Approximative time schedule

11.00-11.05 Welcome outside studio 16

11.05-11.55 Live performance

11.55-12.30 Short lunch break (vegan sandwich will be offer to the ones that have reserved, if you did not reserve please bring your lunch.)

12.30-12.35 Word from supervisors

12.35-13.05 Response from opponent

13.05-13.45 Discussion between opponent and candidate

13.45-13.55 Pause

13.55-14.25 Discussion open up to audience

14.25-14.30 Concluding words

Link to Marie-Andrée Robitaille's doctoral artistic project  « Circus as Practices of Hope »

Link to the Project Synthesis November 2022