Johannes Maria Schmit’s 50% seminar

Johannes Maria Schmit’s 50% seminar will be held on the 7 October. Johannes is a PhD candidate in Performing Arts.

Agnieszka Piotrowska (Documentary Filmmaker & Professor of Film and Cultural Studies at the Gdansk University, Poland)

Collaborators on the practical study: 
Claire Vivianne Sobottke (Performauthor, Berlin) and Mary Szydlowska (Camera & Montage, Bruxelles)

Jon Refsdal Moe

Johannes Maria Schmit’s PhD project searches for formulations of the actor-director relation that exceed the metaphors of organisational management and information theory. In this 50% seminar the psychoanalytic concept of `transference` is tried for its potential in that matter: to what extent can we speak of the actor-director relation as rapport? And could a tracking of the transference, its possible re-staging in hindsight, make for a method that – with generosity – can hold both actor and director to account? 

These questions (and others) will be ruminated by the means of a split screen video essay, a short lecture, the opponent´s presence and response as well as a common discussion.

Johannes Maria Schmit’s PhD project