Dans i litet format

"Dans i litet format" is a small festival curated in small format by caterina daniela mora jara, PhD candidate in in Choreography at SKH. The small festival will take place during the first week of the autumn term 2022, from the last day of August 2022 to the third day of September 2022.

It takes place in the framework of the "On Mother Tongues research week" organised by caterina. It always takes place at 18:00 in different studios in the building at Brinellvägen 58 in Stockholm, where the Department of Dance and the Department of Dance Pedagogy are located. "Dans i litet format" is an invitation that caterina has made to other co-researchers to present what they are working on. The works have different formats at different points in the process.

caterina will also be performing, assisting and coordinating, so please contact her if you have any specific questions, comments and/or complaints about it.

Participants: Mariana Costa, Stella Kruusamägi, Andrea Diaz, Yari Stilo and caterina daniela mora jara.

Contact person:

PhD project by Caterina Mora: "The Translatress´ Tactic: Conflicted Trans-Atlantic Embodiment"