Degree projects, BA in Dance performance

BA Dance performance invites us to take part in their individual degree projects in form of practical performative works.

Welcome to SKH Brinellvägen 7-10 November 2022!

The degree project is a course during the bachelor students' last year of education. It is an independent work for ten weeks, where the aim is to develop the students' understanding of experimental research processes in art through the completion of a practical performative work and a written text. 

The work departs from the formation of a question that is addressed in the project. Through practice and research in the studio, reading, writing and supervision, the students then produce a written text and a practical performative work. 

The presentations are open to all interested. Book your free ticket on their individual pages below.


Degree projects 2022 Program

Monday 7 November

17:30: Anton Hedevang: In the dust of this planet  

18:20: Joanna Kerkelä: HUMAN BOTANY 2.0 

19:10: Ane Carlsen: Blue marks - Red cheeks  

20:00: Brina Dokl: ┴IDES 2  


Tuesday 8 November

17:30: Kacper Migas: „In 4th Wall” 

18:20: Emma Kerttula: Between the prologue and the epilogue 

19:10: Laura Linna: peripheral dancing  

20:00  Lena Kienzer: Embracing stasis 

20:50  Roula Argyri Samiotaki: Art e miss 

Wednesday 9 November

17:30  Philippa Felländer-Tsai: OUR VISION IS FROM HELL. / 34°10'26.6"N 118°39'50.4"W  

18:20  Pénélope Touvier: Mellow Mess 

19:10  Evelina Jakobsson Potenciano: The horrors of 

20:00  Nelia Naumanen: They have lost all hope and behind hope they found new spaces 

20:50  David Anstey: Primordia 

Thursday 10 November

17:30 Bartłomiej Mikuła: All flies drilling through the ceiling 

18:20  Jane Sievänen making sense in a dying world  

19:10  Nellie Björklund: Yours, chasing the sun