Mia Engberg’s 80% seminar

Mia Engberg’s 80% seminar will be held on Zoom on the 12 November. Mia Engberg is a PhD candidate in ”Performativa and Media-Based Practices”, with a specialization in Film and Media.

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Mia Engberg is a PhD candidate in Performativa and Media-Based Practices, with a specialization in Film and Media. Her doctoral project Darkness as material examines darkness and its potential as an affective material in cinematic expression.

The project explores forms of cinematic storytelling in which the image is given the opportunity to materialize beyond the square on the screen. How does the cinematic experience manifest in the context of sonification, meditation or abstract forms of visualization?

This 80% seminar will include several different approaches to working with darkness as material in a cinematic process. The seminar materials include a 25-minute Work-in-progress-film, three written texts Fragments, The underworld and The urban darkness,* a reflection on the materials  from opponent Annika Elisabeth von Hausswolff, and a conversation between Mia and Annika addressing the artistic process and the challenges that lie in combining practices of art and practices of artistic research.

Annika Elisabeth von Hausswolff
Mia Engberg

Annika Elisabeth von Hausswolff is a visual artist and adjunct professor in photography at HDK Valand in Gothenburg. She often works with carefully staged photography, for example Back to Nature, an image suite of naked female bodies lying still in nature, inspired by crime scene photographs. Recently she has been sourcing and recontextualising found images, creating a counter western image archive. In the 1980's Annika Elisabeth von Hausswolff was a member of the punk band Cortex. Her solo exhibition, Alternative Secrecy is on view at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm from 23.10 2021 - 20.2 2023.

*All written material will be available on Research catalogue. Link will be sent after registering for the seminar. 
* The conversation will be in Swedish with English translation available on zoom.

Please state your language preference when you register and you will receive the appropriate link.

Mia Engberg's Phd project