caterina daniela mora jara's 30% seminar

caterina daniela mora jara's will hold her 30% seminar on 19 November. Caterina is a PhD candidate in choreography with the PhD project "The Translatress´ Tactic: Conflicted Trans-Atlantic Embodiment".

Title of the seminar:
Who talks there and what matter who talks?
In the name of my 29,30 % PhD seminar (a presentation without proofreading)

While I was writing this and you are reading, I am interested in the “we” we are creating. This “we” is never innocent and is mediated by a structure.

Sometimes, often, I would even say always, the structure is framed in terms of power.

Sometimes, often, I would even say always, this power structure remains invisible.

How can we address this we in “artistic research”?

How can we do it trough the flat, cold and square screen of the Screenification of the daily life?

30% seminar

This 30% seminar is framed as the first public instance of my artistic research in the research environment of SKH.

Even though I am starting in this institution I have been busy with my research since a couple of years.

In this seminar I am trying to communicate the methodologies that I am busy with and expose how the Stockholm landscape has affected my research since I started in January 2021.

If you would like to participate in the seminar? 
Please send an email to Caterina and she will get back to you with details on how to participate.
Email to participate:

caterina daniela mora jara's PhD project

Photo: Simon Baetens
Photo description: Cloudy day in Stockholm; 14th October 2021. Temperature: 9°.
The researcher crossing the lake Mälaren from Kungshatt till Satra Boat Club to arrive to the University. Dressed by: her family.
Thanks to Eva for the boat and Jens for the help in using the boat.