Art Talks – Conflicted Works

How can we understand the relationship between the arts world and a rapidly changing society? That is the topic of "Art Talks – Conflicted Works", a series of public discussions arranged by Stockholm University of the Arts in cooperation with Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

This autumn, the focus is on the increased pressure faced by artists under the scrutiny of preconceived political agendas, sometimes escalating to threats and even violence.

4 november

Falk Richter's theatre piece FEAR, dealing with the rhetoric of the right wing in Germany, caused enormous controversy shortly after its Berlin premiere in 2015. 

The organization Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) campaigned heavily against the work, filing several court cases against the artist, who also received death threats and had to live under police protection.

How can art still perform political critique when political groups compromise the artist’s personal safety?


Falk Richter, dramatist and director.

Meike Wagner, Professor of Theatre Studies, Stockholm University.

The discussion is led by Johannes Maria Schmit, director and PhD student at the Department of Performing Arts, Stockholm University of the Arts. 

The discussion is held in English, and most participants are present via a digital link.