Art Talks – Conflicted Works

How can we understand the relationship between the arts world and a rapidly changing society? That is the topic of "Art Talks – Conflicted Works", a series of public discussions arranged by Stockholm University of the Arts in cooperation with Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

This autumn, the focus is on the increased pressure faced by artists under the scrutiny of preconceived political agendas, sometimes escalating to threats and even violence.

9 December 

In 2018, Israeli culture minister Miri Regev proposed "the culture loyalty bill",  a law to cut funding for cultural projects that are critical of the government. This followed her first having withdrawn support for choreographer Arkadi Zaides, who in performances such as Archive (2014) and Necropolis (2021) documents, questions and challenges oppressive political practices in Israel and in Europe. What is the artist’s ethical pledge in the face of political crisis? How can one continue working under volatile political conditions?


Arkadi Zaides, choreographer, based in France and currently active in Sweden with the show Necropolis

Anders Engberg-Pedersen, Professor of Literature studies, University of Southern Denmark. 

The conversation is led by Rebecca Hilton, Professor of Choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts.

The seminar will be in English.

The seminar moderator will welcome the audience on-site in Foajé 3, the guests will participate online.