Tove Dahlberg 30 seminar

Tove Dahlberg’s 30%-seminar – Patterns and Possibilities

Tove Dahlberg is a PhD candidate in Opera. Her doctoral project “Unchain the singer!” explores gender, normativity and artistic agency in opera.

In her 30%-seminar, Tove will present an introduction to her PhD project and show a video of the research performance “Patterns and Possibilities: Performing Gender in 18th-century opera”. For the seminar, she also puts forward a longer text in which she describes the background of the research as well as reflects around the practical investigation that the research performance is based on.

Schedule for the seminar:

Friday 29 November
Hugoteatern, University College of Opera, Tekniksringen 35.
10.00-11.05 Exhibition of the doctoral project and presentation of "Patterns and possibilities: Performing Gender in the 18th-century opera"
11.05-11-25 Paus
11.25-13.00 Opposition and discussion

Free entrance, but there is limited number of seats. Pre-booking necessary. In order to attend, please send an email to


PhD candidate: Tove Dahlberg (opera singer)
Dicussant/Opponent: Sara Wilén, singer and PhD in Artistic Research in Music, Musikhögskolan i Malmö
Supervisors: Wilhelm Carlsson, professor in musical drama at University College of Opera in Stockholm and Barbro Smeds, playwright and professor emerita.

The text that will be discussed during the seminar can be obtained from

Read more about Tove Dahlbergs doctorial project here.

Tove Dahlberg 550x560 NY.jpg

Tove Dahlberg, photographer: Malin Tvedt

Seminar image: photographer Hanna Andersson