Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

The Blowhole

Performance and Q & A by the artist Janna Holmstedt.

This event is hosted within the framework of the independent course "Sound as Critical practice" at the Department of Film and Media at Uniarts.

This performance is based on sound recordings of experiments performed in the 1950:s and 60:s where NASA tried to teach dolphins how to speak English through the blowhole.

During the experiment, one of the scientists, Margaret Howe, tried to live in a water-filled house under equal conditions as the dolphin Peter for 75 days. 

About Janna

Janna Holmstedt works with situated practices and various forms of narrative in the borderland between sound, stage and contemporary art. In her artistic dissertation Are You Ready for a Wet Live-In? Explorations into Listening she dives into the ocean and explores how listening, sound and sound technologies shape and transform relationships across species boundaries.

Sound as critical practice x 3

During the fall semester of 2019, independent course Sound as a Critical Practice host three open events for all of you who are interested in sound as critical practice. You do not need to register and it does not cost anything.

Warm welcome!

Imagineering fragmedialities - possibilities and dilemmas of sonic re-construction.

Open lecture by Jenny Sunesson. 
24 September at 10:00-12:00
Bion, the cinema at SADA Valhallavägen 189

The Blowhole

Performance and Q&A by the artist Janna Holmstedt
21 November at 10:00-12:00
Bion, the cinema at SADA Valhallavägen 189


A group installation where the students at the course "Sound as Critical Practice" perform there sonic utopias. 
15 January at 16-21
The tv studio at SADA Valhallavägen 189