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Kerstin Perski final seminar

Kerstin Perski is a doctoral candidate in Opera. 3 October at the University College of Opera it's time for her final seminar "Borderlands - An opera expedition in search for the methods of enlivening."

Kerstin Perski's doctoral research project title is "The poetics of enlivening. - In search of the music drama “Borderlands” and the transformation of the drama through text, vocal and instrumental acting. 

Opponent: Karin Helander

"Borderlands - An opera expedition in search for the methods of enlivening."

How can we, in the creation of new music dramatic works, move beyond the established way, where the librettist, composer and interpreting artists often get involved in the process in a manner that can be compared to a “whispering game”? In her doctoral project, Kerstin Perski investigates how, and through which processes, a dramatic content can be transformed into text, vocal and instrumental action in a cross – border collaboration between the librettist and the composer as well as the singers and instrumentalists. When focusing on the enlivening of the plasticity of the dramatic content, as well as on the effort to create a common intentionality between all participants involved, new methods and tools are invented, tested and sharpened.

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