Kersti Grunditz Brennan 50% seminar

Kersti Grunditz Brennan’s 50%-seminar, BLOD(y), consist of the feature film BLOD, a presentation of the research focusing on the work with BLOD (and its extension into the development of a new curriculum for the Film and Media department) and a conversation with opponent Malin Walhberg followed by an open conversation.

The doctoral candidate research project Entering the Frame – Agency of the Editor deals with how personal experience, film content, collaborative structures, artistic vision and context define the Agency of the Editor and how that shapes the Editing. It is artistic research project that explores an aesthetic of fragmentation and reassembly that revolves around movement, body and embodied experiences in cinematic storytelling.

Schedule for the seminar:

21 November

kl. 19.00-21.00 Movie BLOD on Bio Rio (screening)

22 November

kl.11.00-13.00 Movie BLOD (screening), Färgfabriken projektrum

kl. 14.00-15.00  Presentation, Färgfabriken Vindsvåningen

kl. 15.20-17.00 Opponentsamtal, Färgfabriken projektrum


Movie screening night Bio Rio 21 November kl. 19.00.

Book your ticket to Bio Rio here.

Seminar Färgfabriken 22 November kl. 14.00.

Book your ticket to Färgfabriken here.

At Färgfabriken there is a restaurant where those who whatch the film at 11 am can buy lunch before the seminar. 
The 50%-seminar is part of the Open Studio exhibit BLOD(y), Nov 21 - 24 at Färgfabriken, Lövholmsbrinken 1.

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About the project

The film BLOD and the exhibit BLOD(y) are created by Annika Boholm and Kersti Grunditz Brennan. BLOD(y) is co-arrengement between Färgfabriken's project Open Studio and Stockholm University of the Arts, in the framework of Kersti Grunditz Brennan's phd project.

About BLOD(y)

BLOD(y) is an exposition off work processes of BLOD – a research and film project trying to go beyond norms when it comes to content, aesthetics and modes of collaboration in cinematic storytelling.

The Open Studio exhibit features the film BLOD, its source materials in different forms, works in various degrees of progress and scheduled talks on related topics.

The BLOD creators Annika Boholm & Kersti Grunditz Brennan will hang out in the exhibit, hoping for conversations, interactions and exchange of concrete artistic challenges and insights.

The research project explores collaboration grounded in friendship, across professions and academic positions. A liquid and blurred line between life and art is explored in a loop of writing, filming and editing. Working on BLOD, all hands-on artistic processes are taken on jointly and uncompromisingly, while challenging power hierarchies, artist myths and traditional cinema’s demand for naturalism and narrative logic in both imagery and mise-en-scene.
The film BLOD revolves around female bleeding from cradle to grave, but is not all about liquids. It also examines emotional swells in the wake of the blood – between people when bodies fail. The film events where modes of creating, key issues and artistic ambition are embodied, are based on experiences of being human with brains, heart and uterus.
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Kersti Grunditz Brennan
Malin Wahlberg
Annika Boholm
Juliette Mapp

Annika Boholm and Kersti Grunditz Brennan attended The College of Dance together. They did a joint graduation project and since then have on and off participated in each other’s dance and film projects. Both have shifted their main focus from dance to other artistic expressions.  BLOD is the first film project they develop together.

Annika Boholm was born in Falun. Until 2005 she worked mainly with choreography and movement directing. After studies at Nordens författarskola Biskops-Arnö, she is now a writer in a variety of formats and genres.
Annika teaches performing arts at Stockholm University of the Arts. 

Kersti Grunditz Brennan is from Jämtland and is a filmmaker and film editor. Her work includes the feature film Citizen Schein and the documentary CJDG about the artist Carl Johan De Geer and his retrospective at Färgfabriken.

Kersti is assistant professor of film editing and a PhD-candidate in film and media with a focus on editing at Stockholm University of the Arts.