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Within Practice

Within Practice is a seven-day meeting between professional dancers and students from DOCH and interested members of the public. The symposium focuses on practice and practices from the practitioner’s perspective, and includes workshops and public presentations.

The concept of practice(s) is widely used within dance and choreography today, some would say overused. The concept of practice can provide the opportunity to move beyond the projectification of the art, and instead insist on other long-term approaches. Practice can offer a way of generating choreography and movement, to train/repeat (to practice).

In Within practice, we aim to emphasise the inherently experimental and insistent qualities of practices, and offer a spacefor practising, discussions and artists’ presentations, and continue to build community among practitioners. 

Workshops, presentations, open source, dance and discussion

In the invitations to the artists Caroline Byström, Alice Chauchat, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Chrysa Parkinson, Salva Sanchis and Arkadi Zaides, the discussion on their practices was central. Every artist at Within Practice will carry out six workshops over four days and then give a public presentation.

Within Practice also offers a third format, a type of open source, in which all the participants contribute their own practices. The project will run simultaneously with Weld Company’s invitation to choreographer Yvonne Rainer to choreograph a new work for the company. We share the interest and overlap. During the presentation phase in the Eric Ericsson Hall, the original version of Rainers Trio A (1966) will be danced during one of the evenings, to set an iconic work, its practice and history, in resonance with discussions of what contemporary practices can be today.

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Within practice is a collaboration between Säfsten Production and the DanceDepartment, DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts with support by the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm Stad and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.