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Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

Stacey Sacks 80% seminar “skin+bones // with-nessing whitenesses”

Stacey Sacks is a doctoral candidate in performing arts and now it's time for her 80% seminar “skin+bones // with-nessing whitenesses”.

Through multiple materialities (performance, mask, animation and film) Stacey Sacks’ improvising artistic research project performs, animates and problematises notions of whiteness, exploring and haunting the intersections of history, subjectivity, entitlement and colonial thinking. As an attempt (and possible failure) to transform historical experiences and the current geo-political context into aesthetic and critical expressions, it is a creative experimentation with expanding theory and performance, complicating notions of representation, parody and mimicry whilst digging through remnants of collective memory and personal shame. For skin+bones // with-nessing whitenesses, Sacks offers encounters with the characters Stanley G and Granny in the hope of entering difficult conversations.

This performance essay promises an encounter with a range of graphic improvisations, shameful objects and clown topographies, a curation of sticks, bones, hair, leaves, tongues and other ready-mades, asking if we can give attention to the micro-violences and kindnesses of the everyday kind, interrogating our own histories, allowing the dead to breathe as notions of presence and ancestry are excavated. The essay hopes to play with scales of intimacy, making space for unexpected penetrations and vulnerable contaminations.

Recent work: Exposition “Luxurious migrant // performing whiteness”, VIS – Nordic Journal for artistic Research, Issue 0, published 9 April 2018.

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Find out more about Stacey Sacks doctoral project: Improvising trickster.


Image: Still from the short film “Granny does Gärdet”, photographer Xico Santos.