DOCH, School of Dance and Circus


Welcome to a public seminar on research in choreography within and outside educational frames, a collaboration between Weld and the Dance Department at DOCH/Uniarts.

Choreographer Cristina Caprioli and the PhD candidates in choreography at Uniarts affiliated to the Dance Department; Eleanor Bauer, Marie Fahlin, Anne Juren and Paz Rojo, present aspects and parts of their research.

Martin Sonderkamp, professor in choreography at DOCH is moderating the discussion.
REACHER is presented by the Dance Department at DOCH/Uniarts in collaboration with Weld.

It is curated by Marie Fahlin in conversation with Martin Sonderkamp.

REACHER stems from RICH, an internal hub and meeting place for research in choreography at DOCH initiated by Marie Fahlin in 2016.

REACHER is somewhat a public version of RICH and reaches out to speak to a larger group of people.