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choreo | graphy of NEAR

Eleanor Bauer 30% seminar choreo | graphy of NEAR is 15 September. And in connection with doctoral candidate Eleanor Bauer's 30% seminar, her performance also is presented in collaboration with Cullbergbaletten at Dramaten in Stockholm, 13-14 September.

In my PhD research project, choreo | graphy, I explore the relationship between dance thought and language thought. Considering dance as a medium of thought, the question is how to bring language thought closer to dance thought, in order to offer more precise poetics and adequate discourse for dance. The aim is to offer new ways to speak about, write about, and work on choreography. A core value of the research is in pushing what is considered “thinking” to include embodied intelligences. By searching for ways of conceptualizing, modeling, and translating dance-thought in other media of thought, primarily language-thought, the interest is in how dance can be understood as a thought.

The seminar “choreo | graphy of NEAR” will be an reflection and discussion of the ways that my PhD research project at Stockholm University of the Arts, entitled choreo | graphy, was pursued and furthered in the process and performances of NEAR. As a collaborative commission from Cullbergbaletten and Luger/Way Out West to work with Cullbergbaletten and musician Yung Lean on a performance for dance and music audiences, the insights and methods that arose from the creation will be the focus of the seminar. The reflection will include the structures of working together, experiments with the relationship between verbal language and dance-thought, and the various ethical and aesthetic values at play in relation to the institutional frameworks, values, and ideologies of the commissioned context.

Participant: Eleanor Bauer, Rudi Laermans (opponent) and members of the collaborative team of NEAR.

Photo credit: Giacomo Citton and Pet Monster of Cullbergbaletten, photo by Eleanor Bauer. 

Ellen Bauer's research in 2 min (film)


In connection with doctoral candidate Eleanor Bauer's 30% seminar, her performance also is presented in collaboration with Cullbergbaletten at Dramaten, Stockholm 13-14 September. 

Near is a first ever collaboration between choreographer Eleanor Bauer, dancers of the Cullbergbaletten, songwriter Jonatan Leandoer Håstad/Yung Lean, multi-instrumentalist and composer Frederik Valentin, lighting designer Jonatan Winbo, set designer Josefin Hinders, and costume designer Pontus Pettersson. The genre of performance floats between music concert and dance performance, belonging entirely to neither and both.

Thirteen performers meet in a swamp house, hovering in a no-man’s land between nature and civilization. Together they bring a monstrous dream to life, blending genres of music concert and surrealist story ballet in a cinematic theaterscape. Amplifying the persistent strangeness within and out there, NEAR is full-disclosure and 100% sincere but never familiar, intimate but never comfortable. 

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