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DOCH Open Lectures Shannon Cooney

Welcome to DOCH Open Lectures series of autumn 2018! In this newly added seminar you will meet Canadian choreographer, dancer/performer and dance educator Shannon Cooney.

Sensing the invisible; making invisible visible

Embedded in my practice in dance; dancing, choreography, performance and teaching practice is my work in the field of Craniosacral bodywork.

I am deeply interested and committed to the expansion of consciousness; first through my body then via others’ bodies in movement as ground for this process. Then through time, investigating how to allow for an expansion of the senses on several levels.

With a wish to share how these practices have interwoven to inform one another artistically  I will introduce some past works, addressing their processes of how this research encompasses the arch of my body-based research into making and performance, and lead some explorations.



Shannon Cooney, Canadian choreographer, dancer/performer and dance educator based in Berlin, Germany since 2006, received a B.F.A honours/dance at York University, Toronto in 1992. Her choreography has been presented since 1993 in Canada, Europe the in the U.K. As a dancer she has performed in the works of several choreographers and she danced from 1994-2006 in Toronto-based Dancemakers with artistic director Serge Bennathan, which toured nationally and internationally. Shannon has performed in installation works of Visual artists including Marla Hlady (CA), and Heidi Sill (DE), and performed in numerous events of performance improvisations with musicians/performers and artists. She works as an artistic advisor and creative facilitator for directors and choreographers in dance and performance. She practices Craniosacral bodywork since 1996.

Shannon created a dance practice called Dynamic Expansion-Moveable Cinema, which she teaches internationally for dance training centres, companies, universities and other organizations. It is a practice combining her embodied knowledge in craniosacral work and contemporary dance.

Her recent choreographic/performance projects include: Fielding: Solo with Cases (2018), Fielding (2017), Taste of Freedom (2016) every one everyone (2013), acoustic sightlines (2012), Assemblages (2011) and Spiral Pendulum: dance (2009).

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Autumn program

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*Philosophy in the Context of Dance
-The lecture series Philosophy in the Context of Dance is a part of the BA-program in Dance Performance and is included in the Department of Dance’s Open Lectures at DOCH.

All of the DOCH Open Lectures series autumn 2018 will be held at DOCH Brinellvägen 58 room G at 5.30 pm except 30 October and 8 November when they will be held at Danscentrum, Jungfrugatan 7, 6 pm.