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DOCH Open Lectures Gabriel Schenker

Welcome to DOCH Open Lectures series of autumn 2018! Meet choreoghraper and dancer Gabriel Schenker.

This edition of DOCH Open Lectures is a solo created for and danced by Gabriel Schenker

Dance - Performance - Solo

Pulse Constellations 2016 – Gabriel Schenker

… a being racing into the future passes a being racing into the past, two footprints perpetually obliterating one another, toe to heel, heel, to toe. (Yeats, A Vision)

Gabriel Schenker’s Pulse Constellations departs from John McGuire's electronic composition Pulse Music III, from 1978, a complex multi-layered piece born from an aural image of movements in space. The piece combines a variety of pulses, tempos, and melodies to form a sequence of 24 distinct but interrelated sections that fold into each other in abrupt, unexpected ways. The quality of the sounds, the fullness of the composition, and its constant, unsettling movement in space, brings about a stellar, cosmic quality to the work.

In his Pulse Constellations, choreographer and dancer Gabriel Schenker deconstructs and reconstructs the complex web of pulse layers of the composition. A kaleidoscope of rhythms and coordinations cross his body in overlapping rhythms. With his performance, Schenker explores the limits between the mathematical and the organic, the digital precision of electronic music and the analogue imprecision of a dance, the borders between the danceable and the audible.

Pulse Constellations follows the compositional structures of Pulse Music III by breaking it down to smaller pieces, by following its flow, and by adding melodic and rhythmic lines through the shared aural and visual space.

Conception, performance: Gabriel Schenker
Music: Pulse Music III, John McGuire 
Artistic research: advice Chrysa Parkinson
Executive production: Caravan Production (Brussel, BE)
Co-production: STUK (Leuven, BE), TAKT / Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof (Neerpelt, BE), Tanzhaus Zürich (CH)
Residencies: Charleroi-Danses (BE), BUDA (Kortrijk, BE)
Thanks to: Salva Sanchis (Kunst/werk), Pierre Slinckx, Sarah Ludi

A portrait of Gabriel Schenker


Gabriel Schenker was born in Washington D.C., raised in Rio de Janeiro, and lives in Brussels for the past fourteen years. Starting with sports and folk dance, he soon joined the ‘Cia. Deborah Collker’ in Rio de Janeiro as an apprentice first, and later as a regular dancer. After working with Deborah Colker for three years, Gabriel Schenker flew to Europe where after a series of travels, classes, workshops, and auditions, he opted for studying at P.A.R.T.S. After four years at P.A.R.T.S. he co-founded the collective Busy Rocks with whom he created and performed a variety of works such as Dominos and Butterflies and Throwing Rocks with extensive touring up until 2014. Since leaving studies, Gabriel also has collaborated as a performer with a variety of choreographers such as Eleanor Bauer, Robin Jonsson, Doris Stelzer, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Salva Sanchis, and Louise Vanneste. More steadily, he has collaborated with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker/Rosas, in the creation of Cesena, replacing in Zeitung, and the museum version of Vortex Temporum (2015); and Thomas Hauert/Zoo with the creations of You’ve Changed, Mono, Inaudible, How to Proceed, and replacing in Accords. Next to those activities, Gabriel also engaged in a MA program at the European Graduate School which culminated in his philosophical dissertation Organic Texture: A Dialogue between Deleuze and Guattari, the Life Sciences, and Catherine Malabou, published by the Atropos Press. This philosophical work was developed in tandem with an artistic research that culminated with the development of a dance-speech score entitled Moving~Thinking. In 2016 he premiered a new solo, Pulse Constellations, on the music of John McGuire.

He is a certified Pilates instructor and has been teaching dance and pilates regularly for the past ten years. Since 2014 he has been working next to Thomas Hauert in a new contemporary dance BA at the Manufacture, Lausanne. Since 2016 he has been pursuing an MA in Anthropology at the University of Leuven.

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Autumn program

  • 12 September Manon Santkin
  • 19 September Rudi Laermans
  • 26 September Alice Chauchat
  • 3 October Maria Chehonadskih*
  • 17 October Gabriel Schenker
  • 18 October Sonya Lindfors
  • 24 October Frank Bock
  • 30 October Andros Zins-Browne/Juliette Mapp
  • 31 October Anna Enström*
  • 7 November Tere O’Connor
  • 8 November Bojana Cvejic

*Philosophy in the Context of Dance
-The lecture series Philosophy in the Context of Dance is a part of the BA-program in Dance Performance and is included in the Department of Dance’s Open Lectures at DOCH.

All of the DOCH Open Lectures series autumn 2018 will be held at DOCH Brinellvägen 58 room G at 5.30 pm except 30 October and 8 November when they will be held at Danscentrum, Jungfrugatan 7, 6 pm.