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DOCH Open Lectures Alice Chauchat

Welcome to DOCH Open Lectures series of autumn 2018! Meet choreographer, performer, teacher (and much more) Alice Chauchat.

“walk+talk” is a lecture performance series initiated by the Austrian choreographer and dancer Philipp Gehmacher in 2008. In “walk+talks” choreographers are invited to create a solo work that makes the moving and talking run parallel. The topic is the artists’ concepts, the individual understanding of their body-in-motion and the history of their practice.

In her performance of the format Alice Chauchat tells her story of learning and not-knowing through the notions of form, sensation, language and imagination.



Alice Chauchat works as a choreographer, performer, teacher, editor and other activities related to choreography. She created performances with a.o. Anne Juren, Alix Eynaudi, Frédéric Gies, and performed with a.o. Jennifer Lacey, Xavier le Roy, and Juan Dominguez. She co-developed numerous choreographic projects and platforms for knowledge production and exchange in the performing arts (, paf, praticable etc.). 2010–2012 she co-directed Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, a centre for artistic research. 2017–2020 guest professor at HZT.

DOCH Open Lectures

Artists, thinkers and teachers connected to DOCH's Dance Department share their works and thoughts in various forms. DOCH Open Lectures are open to the public, free and don't require a reservation. Welcome!

Autumn program

  • 12 September Manon Santkin
  • 19 September Rudi Laermans
  • 26 September Alice Chauchat
  • 3 October Maria Chehonadskih*
  • 17 October Gabriel Schenker
  • 18 October Sonya Lindfors
  • 24 October Frank Bock
  • 30 October Andros Zins-Browne/Juliette Mapp
  • 31 October Anna Enström*
  • 7 November Tere O’Connor
  • 8 November Bojana Cvejic

*Philosophy in the Context of Dance
-The lecture series Philosophy in the Context of Dance is a part of the BA-program in Dance Performance and is included in the Department of Dance’s Open Lectures at DOCH.

All of the DOCH Open Lectures series autumn 2018 will be held at DOCH Brinellvägen 58 room G at 5.30 pm except 30 October and 8 November when they will be held at Danscentrum, Jungfrugatan 7, 6 pm.