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Bogdan Szyber 80%-SEMINAR at The Swedish History Museum

Bogdan Szyber, doctoral candidate in Performing Arts, holds his 80% seminar MoAR – Museum of Artistic Research at The Swedish History Museum on 27 September. The vernissage will take place in The Baroque Hall on Wednesday September 26th at 5pm. The Pop up museum, MoAR – Museum of Artistic Research, is open to the public in The Baroque Hall until Sunday, October 7th.

MoAR – Museum of Artistic Research

"Following my 50% seminar in June 2017, I became acutely aware of me pushing just about anything I’ve witnessed within artistic academia into a validation of my theory building, becoming a prime example of confirmation bias. So, I asked myself: what if I’m mistaken in my accusations and (institutionalized) critique of artistic research as a field, in addition to its claims of sourcing new aspects of knowledge production? So, in order to discern and truly examine my bold assertions, I commenced with the staging of the embodiment of academic artistic research – the art, the design, the literature, the music, the architecture etc – in as many manifested forms and shapes as possible. Hence the staging of MoAR, Museum of Artistic Research". / Bogdans words about the project 

80% seminar

During the seminar a staging of the first-time group exhibition of artistic research, representing approximately 10% of all artistic researchers that publicly have defended a doctoral thesis in Sweden, covering all disciplines from film animation over fashion design to choreography. In addition to that, also a conversation about the mechanisms of creating and legitimizing the fascinating narrative structure we call ”history”.  

Participants/Artistic researchers:
Jeoung-Ah Kim
Andreas Nobel
Maja Gunn
Birgitta Nordström
Mårten Medbo
Linda Worbin
Nils Claesson
Mara Lee Gerdén
Åsa Unander-Scharin
Kim Hedås
John-Paul Zaccarini
Janna Holmstedt
Tina carlsson
Andreas Gedin
Sandra Kopljar

Director, Museum of Artistic Research: Bogdan Szyber
Exhibition curated by: Erik Berg
Essayist: Dr Anna Laine
Editor-in-chief: Marianna Feher
Discussant: Professor Lotten Gustafsson Reinius, Stockholm University; former Director of The Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm

The vernissage will take place in The Baroque Hall on Wednesday September 26th at 5pm. On Thursday September 27th at 1pm the 80% seminar will start off with a guided tour of MoAR's collections, then continuing at the museum's Auditorium with a dialogue between Bogdan Szyber and Professor Lotten Gustafsson Reinius.The proceedings will be documented audiovisually.

Bogdan Szybers doctoral research project

Fauxthentication – Staging and Performing The Site Specifics of The Academic Artist, is an manifold artistic research project by doctoral candidate Bogdan Szyber. Bogdan Szyber will attempt an overlapping investigation of three fields: The Academe as the Site of Performance, The Online Economy of Digital Labour as Actors and The Conceptual Art of Institutional Critique as a Method, incorporating discourses on class, gender, value and the global digital economy. Bogdan Szyber is a doctoral candidate in Performing Arts.
Find out more: Fauxthentication – Staging and Performing The Site Specifics of The Academic Artist