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MOVIT EXPO! Maria Lindeman: Reaching beyond the text

Reaching beyond the text is an artistic research outcome of laboratory work on embodying a narrative, by MA-student Maria Lindeman.

Coming from the classical text based theatre field I here explore the possibilities and challenges of embodied narration, looking for ways to deepen and broaden the understanding of the material both for the performer and the audience.

Based upon three different kinds of textual material I seek to explore varied ways of interacting with text and movement.

The material consists of a play, an orally told story and a post dramatic monologue performed by three different stage artists with specific practices

/Maria Lindeman
MA MOVIT student

Participants and material

Dancer/Performer Sophie Augot – free interpretation of the role ”Anette” in the play ”God of Carnage” by Yasmina Reza

Performance artist Carina Ahlskog – an orally told life story (at Malakta 2017)

Mime actress Hanna Ollikainen – excerpts from the monologue ”Lagarna” by Christina Ouzounidis

Research question

How can we deepen the understanding of the text both for the performer and the audience by embodying the narrative on stage?

Maria Lindeman

Maria Lindeman is an educated actress (GITIS), drama pedagogue (NOVIA) and acting teacher (UNAM). She has worked both as an actress and teacher within many different international contexts (WTTL/ITI etc.) and during the MOVIT MA-education she has chosen to explore the embodiment of the narrative on stage.


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