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Can art save the world?

Can the World save Art?

Welcome to a dialogue between writer and Associate Professor of circus John-Paul Zaccarini and Pernilla Glaser writer, teacher in critical thinking and language-making at University of Arts Craft and Design and Creative Research Force at research-institute Rise Interactive.

They will attempt to show some possible entrances to art as a tool for change from their own practices and interlink these with mutual reflections upon each others’ stand-points. Psychoanalysis and process facilitation, the negotiation of risky spaces and toxic affects, as well as spaces that hold trust will be tackled in their conversation.

They will tell how they have seen art save lives and question which world it is that art should or could be saving. Or whether indeed it is the world that should save art.

Their wish is to complicate the practice of art, all the while finding hope in its language and processes.