DOCH, School of Dance and Circus

"Monday Presentations": Marianne Skjeldal & Julia Adzuki

Warmly welcome to eight informal gatherings around artistic practice hosted by New Performative Practice (NPP) MA graduates at DOCH. The presentations are held in english.

Marianne Skjeldal: Sonic Dances

Sonic Dances is a staged proposal of an intimate shared situation for listening and emergence of possible worlds.

With a wish to create another form of dancing together, Sonic Dances is an attempt to hold a space for such an intimate relational meeting between bodies. For touch without touching, dance without dancing.
Listening into what is present.

Through voice, sound and spoken language Sonic Dances researches ways to activate bodies´ own senses, bodies´ own choreographic- and kinaesthetic empathetic potential. Exploring the mobility of sound, to create a poetic, philosophical experience through the listener´s own present experience, her simultaneity with the heard, from where she struggles between language and listening, producing a philosophical, mobile place,

                                                a dance made of sounds and words

I wish to challenge (dis)comfort, to give comfort.
To sensitize people, by opening my own senses.

By asking ”How can we be close to each other?”, Sonic Dances propose a space where this can be negotiated.

Warmly welcome!
Visitors are asked to sign up for participation through small groups.

Julia Adzuki: bAUM

Being vibrational matter.

bAUM is an acoustic string and drum instrument for experiencing tactile sound – a sensation of tangible vibrations resonating throughout the body. An experience that can induce a dream-like state of deep relaxation. 

In conjunction with MA studies at DOCH, Julia Adzuki began making tactile sound instruments together with Patrick Dallard and researching resonance with these instruments in performance during the NPP program.

Julia Adzuki has a background in visual arts and the somatic practice Skinner Releasing.

"Monday Presentations" på DOCH

MA graduates from NPP welcomes you to eight open presentations and informal gatherings around artistic practice at DOCH.

Free of charge. The presentations are held in english.

"Monday Presentations" autumn 2017

  • 25 September at 6-7.30 pm: Jelena Rundqvist: Move
  • 16 October at 6-9 pm: Marianne Skjeldal and Julia Adzuki
  • 23 October at 6-9: Alexandra Campbell and Alberto Franceschini
  • 13 November at 7.30-9 pm: Orfee Schjuit
  • 20 November at 6-9 pm: Ossi Niskala and Molly Saudek
  • 27 November at 6-7.30 pm: Mikko Niemstö
  • 3 December at 6-7.30 pm: Quim Bigas Bassart
  • 11 December at 6-7.30 pm: Abagail Evans